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The Šinour [ˈʃi nowr] is the main river of the plains of Skouras, and the second river of southern Ereláe, after the Xengi. It has its sourcewaters in the eastern part of the Lenani plateau, and is swollen by rainstorms caught between the Ediri Mountains and the Fansava. It's wide and deep, and lacks the Xengi's large delta, making it eminently navigable. This allowed the Old Skourenes to develop a strong naval culture, making it possible to colonize the Littoral. All the earliest Skourene cities were founded along its banks, including Iṭili, Imuṭeli and Engidori closest to the sea, and Miligenḍi, Ṭisuram and Gasibur further upriver.

The river continues to be important for commerce in the modern era. The capital of Šura and its main trading town, Jippirim, is just a few short miles upriver from the Skourene Sea.

The river also gave its name to the Šinouri Tej, based in Pajimi, which ruled an ever-dwindling portion of upper Skouras from about 2500 till the Sainor conquest (2790-5).

Etymology: Old Mei Šeginur, ‘Drinkwater’, Mei Žgior; borrowed into Old Skourene as Skinor and Tžuro as Šinour, Ax., X. Xinor, Ver. Šinor.

Author: Yebi