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Šiyku [ˈʃij ku] is a province of Xurno, comprising the delta of the Xengi. Its capital is Inex, the largest city in Xurno and one of the largest on Almea, with over 600,000 residents. Other major cities are Etak, Tuor, Bidau, Yeš, and Lirau in the delta, and Šeykinar in the northern part of the province.

The province is the most densely populated region of Xurno; the river naturally floods every spring, adding silt— a natural form of the irrigation works which were extended throughout Xengiman. The floods sometimes cut new channels and abandon old ones; engineers have tried to manage this process with some success.

The local dialect, Inegri, is fairly close to standard Xurnese. Notable features include the pronunciation of initial x- as [z], and the rounding of au and eu. The standard language is still Corauši, the dialect of Curau, which was the capital of imperial Xurno. (The Revaudo revolutionaries captured Inex in 3012, five years before Curau, which is why the capital moved.) However, it's been said that the real standard is an Inegri attempting to speak Corauši.

As the province is part of the heart of Xengiman, its history is indistinguishable from that of the Wede:i, Axunai, and Xurno and will not be repeated here.

Hermit Masters who lived here include Komel, ma-Pipidzu, and ma-Peyga. A Diary of the Prose Wars, a selection of journals from the Prose Wars, is mostly set in Inex.

Naturally, the province has been the center of Xurnese shipbuilding and maritime commerce; as foreign diplomats and merchants are regularly seen there, it is the most outward-looking and progressive region in the country. The largest port is Etak in the southern delta, though Inex is also a popular destination.

Etymology: Wede:i Śimka:u ‘Xengi mouth’, Ax. Šinkou, X. Šiyku, Ṭeôši Šikku.

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