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The Šurantal [ˈʃu ran tal] or Skourene Sea is a large gulf of the Xurnese Sea, bordered by the Mnau peninsula to the west, Skouras in the north and the Gelihur peninsula to the east, and delimited by the Šiji archipelago to the south. Other important islands are Minṭu and Ḍarroḍ. It's quite warm for its latitude, thanks to favorable ocean currents, and is traditionally a main trade artery for southeastern Ereláe, where the rugged terrain makes it a more suitable alternative to land-based traderoutes. It's also unique in its nature as the mare nostrum of the ancient Skourenes, the ancestors of the modern-day Uṭandal, whose sea-going civilization ringed it.

The first people to ply its waters were the Jei, but today Uṭandal and Tžuro live on its shores, and Xurnese, Čeiyu and Verdurian ships are a common sight.

Šurantal is also the name of a Tžuro nation whose capital was Gudral. It emerged following the collapse of the Čisran empire (2750), and for a time controlled Baburali and Tral as well. It was absorbed by Šura in 3370.

Etymology: Old Skourene Skuranṭal 'Skourene sea', Tžuro Šurantal, Uṭandal Sxurančal, Ax. Kurančal, X. Xorayčau, Ṭeôši Šuräṭṭäl, Ver. Zëi Šúrantal.

Author: Yebi