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Šuzep [ʃu ˈzɛp] is a province of Xurno, comprising the middle Xengi, extending from the delta to the confluence of the Xengi and the Puro. Its capital is Curau, the original capital of Xurno and its second-largest city.

The major cities of Šuzep are, going upriver, Lozauš, Nogali, Xiau, Curau, Šinj, and Yoki. In addition, there is the city of Lidau on the Ran river (which meets the Xengi at Nogali). Only Šiyku, the delta, is more densely populated.

As the province is part of the heart of Xengiman, its history is indistinguishable from that of the Wede:i, Axunai, and Xurno and will not be repeated here.

It was particularly rich in Hermit Masters: Rúmeš, Xumaur, ma-Podi, Čaújuc, and Sindačirc. The last became spiritual advisor of the king of Lozauš in 1977, marking the transition of Endajué from the esoteric wisdom of hermits to state religion.

The province was also the heartland of the empire of Xurno, founded by Rejabriš the king of Curau. The local dialect, Corauši, is essentially standard written Xurnese, and the Šundaus or Language Agency which regulates the language is based in Curau. The last stand of the emperors in the Revaudo revolution also took place here; Revaudo was popular in the cities, but the emperor's army was strongest here. The first phase of the revolution ended with the fall of Curau in 3017.

Šuzep is one of the richest provinces of Xurno, and has a reputation for xenophobia. The coastal regions, including the capital, Inex, have more contact with foreigners and more interest in the outside world. Šuzep, like the American Midwest, focusses on internal trade, is calmly secure in its commitment to Endajué and Revaudo, and finds it a little hard to believe that there is anything outside Xurno.

Etymology: Ax. Šuzebri 'middle province', X. Šuzep

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