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• Žrano

Žrano [ˈʒra no] is a small city of about 30,000 residents on the Adel in northern Vimínia. It’s also a surcontana (marquisate) within the kingdom of Vimínia.

It dates back to ancient times, as Caď. Cterano, and it was one of the core cities of Caďinas during the Dark Years. In fact it’s one of the better place to see ancient ruins, if you care for that sort of thing, as (unlike more urbanized areas) there hasn’t been much looting of the ruins for building materials. Decayed former greatness is not perhaps yet appreciated by the Verdurians, who use žraney to mean ‘shabby, tacky’.

Notable residents

  • Opogaros, a silversmith, notable for winning one of the first lawsuits brought against a nobleman
  • The Soldier of Cterano (so falek Žranei), one of Ervëa’s officers, who wrote an admirably lucid account of the civil war and the conquest of Munkhâsh: So onemu belgoë Ervëei ‘The account of the wars of Ervëa’
  • Calpirion, a general who liberated Ctesifon from the Bešbalicu and founded the Cteranei dynasty, named after the city
  • Andona, emperor from 2571, who reconquered the upper Svetla from the Gelyet; his mother Fidra, knowing all too well the temptations of the capital from her dissolute father Erbelaica IV, insisted on raising him in the quieter provincial city
  • Vaďriha, surconta, who the Ctesifoni monarch Bura married to his son Ertala in order to cement his claim to the sash, Vaďriha having a good claim to being the heir to the Cteranei dynasty