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Almeopedia may not be right for you; consult your physician. In particular, Almeopedia has not been proven effective against: whooping cough, male pattern baldness, male unpatterned baldness, agoraphobia, macular degeneration, premillenialism, and the yaws.

You may have rights that vary from state to state. Almeopedia doesn't want to hear about it.

In case of conflict, Almeopedia should be interpreted according to the laws and mores of Verduria city, although for legal reasons it is domiciled in Palthuknen.

Almeopedia takes no position on the Schism of 1054, nor on the merits of the Abolineron Contenders. However, Almeopedia is a frank partisan of the Salon of Prose.

Almeopedia cannot solve your romantic or family problems for you, though it sympathizes. Almeopedia does remind you not to be a douchebag.

Almeopedia is not made of matter, and yet can be perceived only by the medium of physical things.

Almeopedia regrets any harm caused without, however, admitting any responsibility. Almeopedia was just trying to have a harmless bit of fun.