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The zones of Arcél

The dominant nation of this zone is Uytai. Uyseʔic languages occupy the entire central zone. In the west, Fananak, three language families are found: Itsenic, Dnetic, and Kleʔmet, overlaid by Lenani-Littoral, an import from Ereláe. In the far east are found Eidnani— which, strangely, is related to Kleʔmet— and some Mnesean languages.

The temperate zone is comparable in climate to Europe. There is regular rainfall, but the central coast tends to be rather dry and windy. This did not prevent a rich forest from growing there; but the forest is rather fragile, and overcultivation has produced desertification in many regions.

Southern Neinuoi and parts of the Island Sea are also temperate, but the ocean gap is large enough that these have developed their own biota, and a different set of agricultural crops.

The chief food crops, with their Uyseʔ names, are millet kreʔ, pell phel, meigrass mey, ko beans ho, gram squashes hram, the potato lyum, and the long yam hrin. We must also mention tea tsai, the most important export of Arcél.

There are four important domesticated animals: sheep khoyt (related to Ereláean sheep), the notseh cow notseʔ, the sammule saim, and the piebird phai. Cats and dogs are also kept.

The chief textile crops are cotton freʔ and huar hwar.

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