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Avéla •

Almeopedia is pleased to have ten-year-old Loi Nölney write this article on her native city.

My city is named Avéla [a ˈvɛ la] and it is the capital of Érenat, which is my country and is part of my planet Almea.

Avéla is HUGE!! I think it must be the biggest city on Almea! You can find it at the mouth of the Eren river. There is a harbor there with all kinds of ships that come from everywhere in the whole world. There are all kinds of bars on the Prosia Crne next to the docks, so the sailors can go right off the ships into them without getting lost. South of that is where the Este Kal (Grand Assembly) is. That is because we are a Republic and don't have any kings to boss us around. There are all kinds of government buildings here which are very lovely and grand but you almost never get to go inside. You will also see Nëron Iesu here which is an enormous church called a cathedral. I will talk about churches some more later.

East of the Kal district is the Sar district which is where all the stuck-up rich kids live. South of the Kal, along the river, is the Nëron Mihel district where you will find many beautiful stores and MY HOUSE!!! My friends all live in this neighborhood too. We go to the Nërona Maria school which is run by Nuns. They know a lot of things but they are VERY hard and boring. We like to play boďpila and go swimming and read. I like to read about dragons and horses and the Knights of Dévora. I want to be one when I grow up, if I don't become a sea captain.

The poor people live down south of us, or in enormous neighborhoods to the east. I think they work in factories. Out in the ocean is Melloin Island where the Navy lives. The Navy has a lot of sea captains so I may end up living there, but you can also be a merchant sea captain or a pirate sea captain.

Almost everybody in Avéla is Eleďe because the Elenicoi came here and converted all the pagans. I know the date: 2780. I guess there are a few they forgot to convert because there are some left; they even have their own seminary here. The Eleďe church is called the Aďeton Naurondise i Avéla and it is run by Lavreto 6e who is an old old man with a white beard and lives in Nëron Iesu. Sometimes we go to Nëron Iesu and I look to see if I can see his pajamas somewhere. I think it would be funny to have 6e in your name, don't you? If I was called Loi 6ë I guess all the other Loî would come first in everything and probably wouldn't be very nice to me.

On the other side of the river is the University of Érenat where people go and study. When I am a young woman I shall go there and study to be a knight or a sea captain. My brother thinks I would just go there to get married but he is a snot-nosed little boy and that’s just what he thinks. The Scholars’ Circle of Avéla lives at the University and publishes a lot of books. Everybody in Avéla reads a lot which is why we invented printing. There's also theaters and cafés and bookstores and stuff like that.

Avéla is VERY VERY old and you can see broken-down buildings from Caďinas and even some from before when we were run by the Meťaiun. This doesn’t mean they didn’t know how to build things because they DID. It is just because they were so long ago. They had a kingdom called Awoilas back then and that is what they called Avéla. Once upon a time we were run by Kebri and the Kebreni were enormously cruel and mean to us until we kicked them out. They know to behave themselves better now.

The language we talk is called soa Sfahe and we have a special dialect of it called Avéle. The Verdurians have one called Mažtane but we don’t speak that even though live in a city. Maybe they should call it something else.

Thank you and I hope you will come to my city!!

Etymology: Meť. Awoilas ‘treaty field’, Keb. Avelaḣ, Ismaîn Aveleh, Dhekhnami Ablakh (from the Kebreni), Elenico (Greek) Αυοιλας. The accent in Ver. Avéla is not strictly necessary, but was adopted to contrast with the Kebrenized pronunciation Avelá.