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Native name Axunašin
Verdurian bome ahuenaš
Location Xengiman
Family Eastern
Subfamily Axunaic
Standard Weinex
Writing system syllabographs
Info available full grammar
Sample wordlist
one ame
two vume
three dime
river reina
town runei
people roz
big dai
little beivi

Axunašin [a ksu ˈna ʃin] is the language of ancient Axunai. Originating from the speech of the Ezičimi who invaded Xengiman c -350 Z.E., it is a descendent of Proto-Eastern and the ancestor to modern Xurnáš and Ṭeôši.

Its most notable influence is from Wede:i, the language of the conquered: this influence extends to lexical items, morphemes, phonology, and syntactic typology.

It is written using its own syllabary, based on the Wede:i syllabary.

The nominal morphology recognises three distinct genders and four cases (nominative, accusative, dative and locative), although these display many innovative features and their usage is quite distinct to that in other Eastern languages. In particular, the nominative/accusative division became reinterpreted as marking "dominant" versus "subordinate", and later to a simple gender system. Adjectives and pronouns are inflected similarly to nouns; however, the original nominative/accusative distinction maintains its use within pronouns.

Verbs inflect for three tenses (present/past/future) and agree with their subject in person and number.

Verbs make use of an intensive inflection, not found in other Eastern languages. They also make use of a negative mood.

Basic word order is SOV. The existence of several different subordinators permits a variety of sentence transformations.

Sample text

Jurumirti en geivemiš doum ravei li en tuč bugei tinaya rir ulirideši jinari šuitu? Nive xuldimiw naya ruwidiu?
priest-NOM to lord-GEN house-ACC went and to that-one said that> your taxes-ACC where are? king-NOM you-cheat-SUBJ <that you-wish-SUBJ
The advisor went to the noble's house and asked him, "Where are your taxes? Do you wish to cheat the king?"
Author: So Haleza Grise

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