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Bolon [bo ˈlon] is a region of northwestern Xurno, best known as the original homeland of the Easterners. Its major feature is the Bonari river, with its tributaries the Piki and the Aušis. Low mountains separate Bolon from Rajjay to the south; but the Bonari provides easy passage southeast to Bozan.

The river valleys are suitable for agriculture; the land outside them is reasonably fertile, but has normally been used for herding. For most of history Bolon has effectively been part of the Barbarian Plain, controlled by Axunaic civilizations when they are strong enough. Trade with Eretald has historically passed along the Bonari, the Piki, and the Xazen.

After the explosion of the Easterners northward into Eretald and southward into Xengiman, Bolon was occupied by the Čia-Ša. It was incorporated into the Jeor empire by Suma:un (by 745). At about this time Karazi peoples occupied the hilly rim of the region, pushing the Čia-Ša into the Xoranas.

The Axunemi conquered Bolon and began settling the river valleys, but central authority was extremely weak. The local language, shared with Bozan, was Bosanšur.

In 2181 the Sainor occupied Bolon, beginning several centuries of barbarian rule, most notably by the Gelyet. The river valleys were incorporated into Xurno by the emperor Isaoric in the early 2600s. The weak emperors of the 2800s allowed it to drift into independance; a century later it was conquered by the nomadic Seia. Finally, in the 3280s, Xurno reconquered the area as part of its drive to reoccupy Xazno.

In the last century there has been extensive Xurnese settlement farther away from the main rivers, displacing the nomads. The northern hills are largely herded by Karazi, the western ones by Seia.

Bolon has its own dialect of Xurnese, Bolongri; the rest of Xengiman considers it rustic and rather ridiculous. The same judgment applies to the locals; in art-- painting, for instance-- Bolongri is used for primitive styles.

The largest town, and the capital of the province, is Mešac on the Bonari; other large towns include Yasinar and Aušisnar.

Bolon is the only region of Xengiman suitable for growing cotton; it has a darkish variety known as mus which is the province’s chief export.

Etymology: Wede:i Bo:lun 'North Bo:', referring to the Bonari, Ax., X. Bolon, Ver. Buolon.

Article begun by Exez, largely rewritten by Zompist
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