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Native name Caďinor
Verdurian caďino
Location Eretald
Family Eastern
Subfamily Central
Standard Ctesifon
Writing system alphabet
Info available grammar
Sample wordlist
one an
two ďun
three din
river celere
town cumunda
people cucurile
big bolges
little puťies

Caďinor [ka ˈði nor] is the language of the Caďinorian Empire, and the direct ancestor of Verdurian, Barakhinei, Ismaîn, Benécian, and Sarroc. It is still widely used in scholarship, diplomacy, magic, and liturgy.

Caďinor is one of the Central languages, along with Kahinisa and Arániceri; Central in turn is a branch of the Eastern languages. Lexically, Caďinor borrows heavily from Cuêzi and Meťaiun.

Grammatical highlights:

  • It's an inflecting language, with SOV word order.
  • Nouns have five cases (nominative, genitive, accusative, dative, and ablative) and three genders. Adjectives are fully declined.
  • Verbs have three tenses (present, past, past anterior), two moods (definite and remote; the latter expresses potential, conditional, counterfactual, and future events), and two aspects, static and dynamic. Dynamic verbs essentially evoke a change in state, though for almost all verbs there are a set of lexicalized idiomatic meanings for the two aspects.
  • Unlike Verdurian, Caďinor has no articles, and does not distinguish gender in the pronouns.

Sample text

Nis scos cumpugul im naurondan leilai— scehis tura, scehis faubel, scehis nactec punsaa tenes. Nisios harada fasilor es im raduman ielaa implican turae cumpuguliae, faubelei busan punsan, nactecei esistascei er meliscei.
no thing-s.acc perfect-m.s.acc in world-s.dat see-1s / every pear-s.nom / every painting-s.nom / every leader-s.nom flaw-s.acc has-3s / nothing however easy-compar-m.s.nom be-3s in mind-s.dat idea-s.acc imagine-inf pear-s.gen perfect-past.part.-gen / panting-s.gen not-with flaw-s.dat / leader-s.gen great-superl-m.s.gen and good-superl-m.s.gen
I see no perfect thing in the world: every pear, every painting, every leader contains a flaw. Yet there is nothing easier than to entertain in the mind the idea of a perfect pear, a painting without flaw, a ruler utterly noble and good.

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