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This article summarizes the clothing styles of various hominid cultures.

Five figures are shown for each culture: female and male nobles or notables (not royalty); female and male peasants or commoners; and a common soldier (not officers). To reduce drawing time and facilitate comparison, the poses and outlines are identical in each picture, and no attempt is made to show typical weaponry.

There is of course much more variation than can be shown; clothing may vary by region, by rank, by class, by age, or by personal choice; and moreover everything can change over the centuries. Some of this may be described in the referenced articles.



Other regions

Region Description
Tžuro Leather vests, shirts and trousers.
Barbarian Plain Leather trousers; cloth shirt with hide cloak or vest
Demóshimor Poor: trousers only. Rich: silk shirts and tights.
Téllinor Shirtlike tops; wrapped or fitted skirts
Nan Freeholders and serfs: skirts only. Landowners: chest covering and stiff skirt (men), wrapped robes (women). Slaves aren't allowed to wear clothes.
Bekkai Loinloths or nothing at all.
Linaminče Loincloths
Kemic Leather
Flaids Fitted shirts, trousers, both with wide openings for the limbs.
Elcari Many elaborate styles, but typically wrapped