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Native name cuolinu göji
Verdurian čuoliřon
Location Cuoli
Family Wede:i
Subfamily Eastern
Standard Yewör
Writing system syllabographs
Info available lexicon (~300 words)
Sample wordlist
one bou
two öw
three šur
river ye
big gör
little šuy

Cuolese [tʃu o ˈliz] is the language of Cuoli, northeast of Xurno. It’s the last still extent representative of the Wede:i family of languages (though New Jeori is still used as a literary language in Tásuc Tag).

The language is written using a descendent of Wede:i logographs, simplified in modern times. As Cuolese is more complex phonologically than Wede:i, single syllables may be written using multiple glyphs.


  • Stops p t k b d g
  • Affricates c = ts in Doju, tʃ in Pronel; j (voiced version of c)
  • Fricatives s z š ž
  • Nasals m n ŋ
  • Liquids r l w y
  • Vowels i ü e ö a o u; high tone áéíóú, falling àèò; nasalized ãẽĩõṏũũ


  • Overall SOV and head-final
  • Wede:i’s agglutinative morphology has become a good deal more fusional and remains suffixing
  • Wede:i’s adjectival verbs become adjectives used with a copula lien
  • Extensive borrowing from Axunašin, Xurnese, and Lenani

Sample text

Šẽbrio jiracuwu lòliocilü, šõzur lienü.
tavern-LOC wife-YOUR-ACC meet-PAST-YOU-IRR shameless be-IRR
If you met your wife in the tavern, she is shameless.

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