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What Zompist is working on

Obviously the Almeopedia doesn't yet serve as a complete encyclopedia of Almea. It will take years even to cover the regions mentioned in Virtual Verduria. But the Wiki format encourages producing this material in discrete, finished chunks.

I don't have a master plan for writing; it keeps my interest better to skip around and work on things that appeal to me at the moment. However, there are also opportunities for stories, games, and jokes; I won't spoil the pleasure of discovery by saying where these are!

If there's something you particularly want to see, feel free to mention it on the talk page.

Technology articles
I will be adding a bunch of technology articles in draft form. The research doesn't lend itself to writing and finishing them one at a time, but to adding to them incrementally. They're subject to change, so don't incorporate information given in them into other articles till the TBC box is removed.

Articles you could write!

Don't be intimidated by the prospect of writing an article about an Almean subject. There are a lot of basic articles that will just take time to write, which I won't get to for awhile, and which others could do quite well. Often there are existing pages that serve as a good model. For instance, all the countries on Ereláe should have articles; all the known languages; all the Thinking Kinds; all the neighborhoods of Verduria city; major Verdurian towns; the ancient Skourene cities. If other people start these articles I'll correct errors and add details.

Wanted pages is a good place to look for articles that need writing and would get rid of a lot of red links.

You shouldn't invent details (e.g. names of rulers or towns), but you can speculate about things not mentioned. A good analogy is with a wiki about (say) Battlestar Galactica. You don't have to wait for Ron Moore to write all the articles there.

All this will probably get more specific as people start getting involved.