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Native name lokh Dhêçnam
Verdurian ďekname (řon)
Location Dhekhnam
Family Eynleyni
Subfamily -
Standard Ornakh
Writing system alphabet
Info available grammar, word list (1100 words)
Sample wordlist
one tath
two dhakh
three kash
river erêth
town char
people lashna
big genokh
little tsoth

The Dhekhnami language is the official language of Dhekhnam, the ktuvok empire in eastern Ereláe. Outside the empire it’s often assumed that it’s the language of the ktuvoks themselves, but it’s a human language, a member of the Eynleyni family; in particular, that of eastern Demóshimor, the leading human portion of the empire, and even more particularly that of Ornakh, the capital.


  • Stops p t k b d g
  • Affricates tl ts dz ch j
  • Fricatives th dh sh zh (ç) kh gh
  • Nasals n m (ŋ)
  • Liquids y w l r
  • Vowels i e (ê) u o (ô) a

The parenthesized sounds are almost entirely allophonic. For example, Dhekhnami has developed an ich/ach-Laut distinction as in German, with the former allophone being written as ç and the latter as kh.

Dhekhnami morphology is more complex than that of Munkhâshi, largely due to fusions introduced by sound change. The rank system of Munkhâshi has however been reduced from five to three ranks (now supplemented by a pronominal system).

Whereas Munkhâshi was quite insular, Dhekhnami has been influenced by Caďinor, Sarroc, and Carhinnian, and of course has influenced them.

The language is VSO and largely head-initial.


Pekiban shujyoshno khyibosh zh çinpaban wawaja at.

open.D.past court-man manuscript and discard.D.past pl-paper any

The lawyer opened the manuscript and tossed out some papers.

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