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The Eärdur [e ˈa:r dur] is one of the major rivers of Eretald. It arises in the far west of the Diqun Bormai, crosses the Barbarian Plain, then Eretald, parallel to the Rhânor range, until it meets the Svetla at Erruk. The stretch of river from Erruk to the sea, passing Verduria city, is part of the Eärdur.

From its source, it passes through the modern nations of Kačanza, Bešbalic, Benécia, Hroth, a salient of Verduria where the ruins of Eleisa lie, Mútkün, and Verduria again. The river is navigable to Kinan in Kačanza.

The Eärdur was the homeland of Cuzei, whose major cities were all along the river. After its conquest by Caďinas the region was known as Eärdur province, and repression of Cuzeian culture both destroyed the region’s prosperity and gave it a permanent sense of grievance. During the Dark Years the region drifted apart from the lands of the Svetla culturally and linguistically; today the northern reaches speak Barakhinei or Benécian— only Bešbalic speaks a Verdurian dialect.

Etymology: Caď. Eraudor, Ver. Eärdur, Bar. Eraodu, Ismaîn Ŕuzŕ, Sarroc Eradwor; Cuêzi Isrēica.