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Almeopedia is primarily intended as a reference to Almea. Its content is not open-source, and all articles are copyright by either myself (Zompist) or by the article author, where indicated.

Nonetheless, I appreciate the wiki-style ability to collectively improve a work, and I'm happy to have people collaborate on the project.

Getting an account

Only logged-in users can edit.

Someone created a bot to randomly register accounts and vandalize random wiki pages. Because of this asshole, you now have to e-mail me (markrose at zompist.com) to get your own account. Nice hacking, huh?

Don’t forget your password. The MediaWiki software is fabulous for creating an encyclopedia; it’s pretty poor for administering a community. In particular there’s no way for an admin to change or reset a password.

Can I correct errors?

Sure. If the article is mine, be careful that it's really an error. The best policy is to double-check (say) spellings of Almean terms in Virtual Verduria.

Can I add articles about Almea?

Within reason, sure. You can't make up information, but you can consolidate known information either from Virtual Verduria, from the ZBB, or from elsewhere in Almeopedia. Make sure the article is at least somewhat useful. E.g. an article that traces a country through time based on mentions in the Historical Atlas is great. An article that just says that such-and-such is a city in so-and-so is useless.

Don't duplicate pages from Virtual Verduria; use external links to them instead. For example, don't make an article about Barakhinei by copying the Barakhinei grammar. But you can refactor information that appears on multiple pages— e.g. you could collect all the information about the Horselords, or the Rau Savanna, or trading patterns, onto one page.

Sign all articles you add using the Author template, like this: {{Author|a=Your Username}}. This is unlike Wikipedia, but I want it to be clear which articles are mine (and thus 'canonical').

[[Future articles]]

As a rough guideline, if all the information available for some topic is likely to be a single sentence or a short paragraph, it shouldn't be an independent article; more likely a bullet point or paragraph in another article. Think about this when putting double brackets around a term (which assumes that an article will be written someday).

Individual works of a scholar, for instance, are best handled in an article on that scholar. Similarly with individual holders of noble titles, or Verdurian guilds, or neighborhoods of Avéla.

Can I add articles in Almean languages?

Yes, I'd love to see articles in Verdurian or other languages. They don't have to be about Almea, but they should be substantial. If all you can produce is one sentence, don't bother.

If you try this, categorize the article by the native name of the language. E.g. all articles in Verdurian should belong to Category:Sfahe.

Can I write about Kečǽnə (the Ndak/Proto-Isles conworld)?

Yes; material about it should be moved from the ZBB to Almeopedia. Don't go crazy, though-- e.g., don't create articles for each ruler of your country.

Can I write about my conlang/conworld?

In general, no; Lore doesn't have infinite bandwidth, and I can't offer a wiki for all ZBB worlds.

However, anyone who substantially helps out on Almeopedia can have at least one page for their own conworld. Once there are people in this category we'll work out guidelines.

Can I write about other stuff?

No, unless you can write about it in an Almean language...

How can I get a second opinion before implementing a change?

(This question/answer drafted by Zerrakhi.)

If only one article is affected, you can discuss the idea on its talk page. If the change cuts across several articles, the Community Portal can be used instead. The policy over on Wikipedia is to be bold but not reckless when making changes -- on wikis run by smaller communities, it is only natural for people to feel more conscious of the risk of unintentionally making extra work for others. As the Wiki grows, future trial and error should lead to a clearer picture of what sort of changes Zompist does or doesn't like.