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Native name bbêthu elkarîl
Verdurian elcarřon
Location Cuzei
Family Ereláean
Writing system alphabet
Info available grammar
Sample wordlist
two qêj
three tîx
river mphul
town khak
people xely
big lôr
little lêr

Elkarîl ['el ka ʀɨl] is the language of the elcari of the Elkarin Mountains west of Eretald. It is the best-known non-human Almean language. It is similar to human languages in that it's based on vocalization and has a relatively fixed phoneme inventory and lexicon.

There are however some striking differences:

  • Elkarîl is very resistant to change. The language as old as 15,000 years ago differs very little from contemporary speech.
  • Elcari never use language as a social marker. They distinguish themselves by dress codes or artistic style, but not by speech.
  • The language makes semantic use of some continuous variables, such as frontness, tongue height, or length of articulation.
  • There are no personal pronouns nor tenses nor aspects.
  • Semantic categories are much narrower than in human languages.
  • Elkarîl rigorously separates physical and mental events, with a set of case roles for each level.

Elcari believe that this language was given to them by God. To our knowledge, all the elcarin languages of Ereláe are related and mutually intelligible if speakers are given some time to acclimate.

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Author: Stilgar