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Eretald [ɛ ˈrɛ tald] is the Verdurian name of the Caďinorian Plain - the region bounded to the west by the Rhânor Range, to the east by the Ctelm Mountains, to the north by the Mišicama Ocean, and to the south by the Barbarian Plain. It has a warm, pleasant climate, and is watered by three major rivers: the Eärdur, the Svetla, and the Serea.

Its earliest human inhabitants were the Meťaiun, named after their first civilized kingdom, Meťaiu. In the -300s all but the northern shore were taken over by the Cuzeians and the Central people; for a milennium the most important state was Cuzei, located in the Eärdur valley. The ktuvok empire Munkhâsh invaded in 440. and took over half the plain. It took 710 years to expel them from Eretald, and the struggle forged the Caďinorian Empire, which later, under the great emperor Ervëa, entirely destroyed Munkhâsh.

Later the chief threat was from the barbarians to the south and west. In the third milennium the Empire fell under their assaults (and through its own tiredness); Eretald became a patchwork of small kingdoms, and the ktuvoks created a new empire in the east, Dhekhnam.

In the last centuries the northern half of Eretald has been dominated by the kingdom of Verduria, whose lifeblood is not conquest but trade. Along with other nations such as Flora, Kebri, and Érenat, it is busy industrializing, and even colonizing other parts of Ereláe and the southern hemisphere. Meanwhile Dhekhnam probes its defenses, and it's widely expected that the 3500s will not pass without a confrontation between these two powers.

Strictly speaking the Mišicama littoral is not part of Eretald, but culturally it's convenient to include it in the term.

Etymology: Ver. Eretald, Caď. Aerestaldos “South Plain”; in the Caďinorian worldview the Caďinorians lived in the south of the world. (To the west was Cuzei, to the east Munkhâsh, and to the north the Meťaiun.) Cuêzi Cēradānar ‘central plain’. X. Kazinel 'Caďinas'.

Countries and important regions in or near Eretald:
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