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Fananak [fa na ˈnak] is a region on the southwestern coast of Arcél.

Location in Arcél


It is part of the temperate zone of Arcél, along with Uytai. There is rainfall agriculture, as well as herding and some hunting/gathering.


The late Tžuro state of Jaešim built the largest ships of its time. It used these to trade as far away as Uytai, and in the year 2988 founded the colony of Fananak. As such long distance trade was quite expensive, later, less prosperous Jaešeni rulers declined to continue it; thus, contact with the colony was lost for several centuries.

It is said that the history of the colony is "colorful", but unfortunately little is known about it presently.


Languages from three Adurise linguistic families are spoken in Fananak: Eidnani-Kleʔmet’, in the Kleʔmet’ river valley, Dnetic, in the highlands, and Itsenic, in the Itsiʔ river valley. Furthermore, Fananaki, the Lenani-Littoral tongue of the Tžuro settlers, is spoken in the northwestern portion.

Etymology: Tžuro Fananak, ‘New Feináe’; Uṭandal Paranagu, X. Peranagu.

Author: Adso de Fimnu