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Feináe [fɛ i ˈna jɛ] is the region east of Skouras, bordered on the west by the Fansava mountains, on the east and south by the Qarau Sea. The land narrows to the north, and a substantial iliu settlement forms a natural boundary.

Though it is the same latitude as Skouras, it is a bit colder (Skouras is protected from the cold winds and currents of the ocean by mountains). As a result it has never supported the population density of Skouras. Crops suitable for the Gelihur peninsula, notably rye and millet, grow well in Feináe.

The first known inhabitants were the Qaraus, who were hunter/gatherers; the Mei spilled into the region when their homeland, Skouras, was taken over by the Littoral people (the ancient Skourenes). The Mei, an agricultural people, easily overwhelmed the Qaraus. They lost contact with the western Mei, however, and due to sound change became known as the Fei.

The Skourenes colonized the southern coast (founding Ḍareşam and Komand around 200) and then the Inčip river, but leaving the Fei in the highlands and the northern coast. The Tžuro conquered the entire region (by 1750), but soon abandoned the remote and poor northern highlands.

In 3045 the Sainor conquered all but the highly populated southern region, Jaešim, and expanded north into Qarau territory as well. Newly converted to Jippirasti themselves, they ensured that the Fei adopted the new religion as well. In 3267 the Fei rebelled, establishing their own kingdom of Feidal.

Etymology: Feináe is Verdurian; the Jaešeni call it Fana and the Fei themselves Feidal; all mean 'Fei-land'.

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