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Native name flaidyx
Verdurian fleadřon
Location Flora
Standard Syxesteer
Writing system alphabet
Info available grammar
Sample wordlist
one ʔy
two lin
three fell
river foy
town teer
people yuun
big nool
little kiss

Flaidish (native flaidyx) is the language of the flaids, a Thinking Kind restricted to the archipelago of Flora north of Verduria.

Flaidish is an isolate, not related to any other Almean language. It has borrowed heavily from Caďinor, Verdurian, and Kebreni. It's written in the Verdurian alphabet, with additional characters for the glottal stop ʔ and the voiced affricate j. Its phonology, and even the grammar to a certain extent, is rather like that of the Germanic languages, and it has even experienced a Great Vowel Shift similar to that of English. (But one noticeable difference: Flaidish lacks /h/).

Some curiosities about Flaidish:

  • Pronouns are not differentiated by sex, but by age: there is a separate, simpler set of pronouns for children.
  • The unmarked form of the verb is the simple past tense. Other morphological tenses are the ongoing, irrealis, and habitual; more distinctions are made using auxiliaries.
  • There is no definite article; rather, definiteness of the object is marked on the verb.
  • Exchangeable nouns must be counted using measure words.

Sample text

—Voss! — maleme Myasocreje, daaten verpo raulor Jeeriom lapp feej. —ʔok ʔenranet Dorgetnom rysmoryt, yoven ʔok jys naj naj tereme befelert ty ʔok ʔenvon mendbo zyn flaidet zyn luukt zyn naupelt, gess zyn yadj dretfotpo! ʔok garse ʔelzichpo, ʔok ʔozse festpo ʔaax!
not-ONGOING / protested Myasocreje / aim-AND hit-PARTITIVE onto Jeerio-GEN flat head / I guard-DEF Dorgetno-GEN castle-ACC, then-AND I have-ONG very very firm order-PL-ACC that I not-HAB let-PART nor flaid-ACC nor human-ACC nor iliu, yes nor ant cross-PARTITIVE / I if-ONGOING disobey-PART, I get-ONGOING paint-PART blue
No!" protested Carnivourous, and he aimed a blow at Jeerio's flat head. "I guard Burntup's castle, and I am under very, very strict orders not to let a flaid, human, iliu, or even ant to cross! If I disobeyed, I'd be painted blue!"

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