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Gotanel [go ta ˈnɛl] is a province of Xurno, comprising the upper (northeastern) portion of the Tanel peninsula. Gotanel proper is landlocked, its rivers and valleys leading to Lake Van. Its capital is Neuič; other major cities are Evan on lake Van, Sonkan on the smaller lake of the same name, and Roršeli on the coast to the west.

In ancient times the term had a broader reach— anything north or east of Tanel. The Ezičimi conquered and organized a kingdom, Gotanneli, on the eastern coast, centered on the cities of Mumeša and Bizagak. This kingdom survived for a surprisingly long time; it was finally conquered by Četazi in 1018. During the Age of Small Kings the region was independent again, first dominated by Bizagak and then by Mumeša; starting in the 2200s it was contested between the Xurnese states and Čeiy.

The upper peninsula was a backwater for centuries after the Ezičimi invasion, still inhabited by Wede:i. Around 600 the Ezičimi finally created the kingdom of Van. It was incorporated into Axunai by the emperor Uliromez, and regained its independence during the Age of Small Kings. During the Dark Years it was occupied by the Sainor, then the Gelyet; the new state of Xurno finally pushed the nomads out, by the 2660s.

In Xurnese usage Gotanel refers only to the northern region; the coastal region east of Tanel is called Idenar ‘lake-land’.

The early Endajué master Zim was based in Gotanel.

When the Revaudo revolution broke out, the nobles of Gotanel embraced it; as a result the region is still ruled by nobles rather than by artists. Gotanel assisted in the capture of Šawatu, in 2996; as a reward for this it was given access to the sea, including the port of Roršeli. Šawatu was used in turn as a staging point for the capture of Etak in the delta.

Linguistically Gotanel speaks the Evangri dialect of Xurnese, except for the western areas (belonging to the Xengi watershed or to the coastal enclave of Roršeli), which speak Jimbri.

Etymology: Wede:i Gouŋ Taŋŋeli 'far fertile land', Ax. Gotanneli, X. Gotanel, Ṭeôši Gotännel, Ver. Gotanél or Irtanél.

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