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Author: Zerrakhi


An Almean Horse

Almean horses resemble terrestrial horses sufficiently well in build, speed and temperament that they can be ridden and used in warfare in much the same way. They have manes, and a similar diet. However, they are slightly smaller, have droopier ears, and their hooves are tripartite. The horse is native to the steppes of Ereláe.

The stallions are too fierce to ride; only mares and geldings are rideable.


The horse was domesticated by the Kagöt peoples in around -1400, and the Eastern peoples learned the practise from them sometime before -700.

Horses in warfare

Some inventions involving the horse have had a marked impact on the evolution of warfare and the military success of the nations who did the inventing. The mastery of the chariot by the Ezičimi around -200 helped seal the fate of the Wede:i, who had by then been fighting against the Ezičimi invaders for some time. Several centuries later, the Munkhâshi learned to ride horses in battle, which - in conjunction with the use of iron weapons - gave them the technological advantage that they needed to rapidly expand beyond the Ctelm Mountains from the year 440. Later still, the barbarian invaders of the latter third millennium gained an advantage over Caďinas through their invention of the stirrup.