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Idzinar [i de ˈnar] is a province of Xurno, located in the far southeast. It mostly comprises the northern watershed of the Jakaye as well as a portion of the Tanel mountains. Its capital is Bizagak on the coast; the only other major city is Idzinar, named for the province, located on lake Nanuš.

In ancient times the term Gotanel referred to the regions east and north of Tanel; see Gotanel for the early history.

Čeiy conquered Bizagak in the 2160s, and for centuries the province was part of this rich and prosperous nation, seemingly immune to the chaos of the Age of Small Kings. When Xurno defeated the Gelyet in the 2500s, some of the expelled nomads spilled into northern Čeiy, including Idzinar. By 2660, Xurno had pushed the Gelyet out of Čeiy, but stayed as rulers. When Čeiy managed to reassert its independence, by 2840, Xurno retained the Idzinar region.

During the Revaudo revolution, in the 3000s, Čeiy reoccupied Idzinar, but was forced to give it up once the revolution was complete.

As a result of this long tug-of-war, the linguistic landscape of the province is complicated. In general the western portion speaks the Jimbri dialect; the northern region Evangri; and the southern region Ṭeôši. The city of Bizagak has a distinctive dialect which mixes features of Jimbri and Ṭeôši. However, there is no firm line between Xurnese and Ṭeôši; the isoglosses refuse to converge, pockets of speakers live in the ‘wrong’ area, and bilingualism is common.

Etymology: Ax. Eidinari, X. Idzinar ‘lakes-place’, Ṭeôši Izinär.

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