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Location of the Central languages, 3480

The Karazi language family is part of the Eastern family; its most famous member is Cuêzi. After the fall of Cuzei, Karazi speakers (like those of Naviu) were largely nomads, disturbing both Eretald and Xengiman; the Sainor even conquered Skouras and held it for two centuries. The most notable modern Karazi speakers are the Caizurans.

The Karazi people, according to the legend, were descendants of Masāntio, the third son of Árrasos. For this reason the Karazi were also known as Masāntigō "sons of Masāntio", a term which also applied mainly to Cuzeians during the height of Cuzei.

The general term Karazi referred mainly to their related, semi-civilized "Little Cuzeian" peoples such as the Nimoicu and Lovitrui who owed sovereignty to the kingdom de jure.


Cuzeian branch
Cuêzi+, Nimoicu+, Lovitrui+
Coruo branch
Caizu (Caizuran), Curiyan, Kazule (Kešvareni)
Sainor branch
Disaini, Losaynu, Qeyu
Bucardo branch
Bucardo+, Izeit+