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The Meťelyi are a group of nomadic Telise peoples of the western Barbarian Plain and southern Nalernukh steppe. They speak a collection of closely related Ur-Kagöt languages, and are closely related to the Somoyi.

There are three Meťelyi peoples: the Kačanzayin, the Nurneöt and the Amakui. Formerly there was a fourth people, the Akari, but these have been absorbed into the Nurneöt.


The Meťelyi are distinguished from the Somoyi from the 2200's, when they invaded Kinan, an independant Caďinorian 'province' in modern day Bešbalic. In the 2300's they conquered most of the Barbarian Plain under the leader Aččaw, forcing the migrations of the Naviu, Corou and Somoyi into Eretald and Xengiman.

However, in the 2470's, the Gelyet under Hiuraz drove the Meťelyi out of the Svetla and Meuna watersheds, and back to the western Barbarian Plain. In 2514 Hiuraz's successor, Länguraz drove them out of the Barbarian Plain completly. This proved shortlived, however, and the Meťelyi had returned to the watershed of the Eärdur in the western Barbarian Plain by 2600.

From the 2900's the Meťelyi were distinguished into their component peoples.

Author: Furius