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Nanuŋitera [ˈna nuŋ i te ra] was the son of Begoŋitera, king of Yenine. He was the conqueror of Na:nyanok in -625, and thus unified all of the Wede:i states under one administration.

When the scripts used in the former three Wede:i kingdoms (Yenine, Saiśi and Na:nyanok) had diverged, Nanuŋitera directed scholars to produce a unified script for use by all. The result was the Old Syllabary, actually a mixed system, consisting of 655 syllabic signs and 440 logographs representing particular words.

Nanuŋitera is also known for promulgating the first legal code (-610), the Canons of Respect.

Etymology: Wede:i 'divine radiance'.

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Author: Exez