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Native name Kouaeɓet
Verdurian řon neinuoë
Location Neinuoi
Family Neinuoian
Subfamily none
Standard Eneɓek
Writing system none
Info available 165 words
Sample wordlist
one æɓ
two žu
three ŋuh
river ene
town hibo
people mute
big ŋo
little kle

Neinuoian is a language family limited to the island continent of Neinuoi, unrelated to any other language family (though the Neinuoian people are Melanke, thus relatives of Kereminthic speakers). The standard dialect is that of the Eneɓek valley, in particular the capital Penoɠŋenet.

Little is known of the other Neinuoian languages, as none are written and outside travelers are few. Neinuoian proper is found on the eastern coast, and its sister languages on the north, particularly in Tlenemukli, Mutekuže, and Mutetuɗu.

Grammatical notes

  • Stops: p t k (mb nd) ɓ ɗ ɠ
  • Fricatives: v ʄ ž h
  • Liquids/nasals: l m n ŋ
  • Vowels: ɑ e i o u æ (ɑ is written a)

Word-initially, the implosives ɓ ɗ ɠ appear as (prenasalized) mb nd and (velar) ŋ, respectively.

The language is VSO, head-initial, with a fusional verbal morphology.

Sample Text

Kikiau tlene žipmin, pituh nonɗen epte žipmin ŋoʄan.

cause-lose-1s.past country / be-3p therefore god-pl strong-nom-lacking

I conquered your country, so your gods are powerless.