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The Neziora is the archipelago east of the island of Flora. (The word is simply the Verdurian for ‘archipelago’. The Flaidish is Zermomech ‘island-land’.)

The northern islands are inhabited by flaids who live by fishing, trading, or herding. Their dialect of Flaidish is fairly divergent, hardly intelligible with that of the main island— something of the differences is hinted at by its local name, Dzrmullein; compare standard Flaidish zermolaim ‘island speech’. They are governed only by their local leaders; Flora only administers the island of Mellyez.

This mattered less in medieval times, when royal authority was not so much limited as simply attentuated the farther you got from Syxesteer. It now means that the islands are more lawless and less prosperous than Flora; there are compensations, such as the absence of taxes and tariffs. The island flaids are also less zealous about discouraging human settlement, and indeed the chief city of the archipelago, Punteer, is one of the only towns with a large population of both flaids and humans.

The southern islands were settled by the Meťaiun in ancient times, and later conquered by the Caďinorians; they too have devolved into self-governing fishing communities. They mostly speak a very distinctive dialect of Verdurian, but there are still a few communities which speak a form of Kebreni (a particularly intriguing one is Emet).

In modern times Verduria has taken possession of the southernmost portion of the archipelago, the Nezî Dibureî. The seat of administration is the town of Éstacer on the island of Lengesta.