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• Ožnëa

Ožnëa [oʒ ˈnje a] is the capital of Célenor, a duchy attached to the kingdom of Verduria. Its population is about 65,000. The Bar. name of the city is Ôshtinel.

The city lies 8 km west of the Nof river, in the southwest corner of Célenor. It's located amid low hills that command the Nof valley (and avoid floods); there is a settlement called Ožcer on the river itself where goods are transferred from ships to wagons.

When Caďinas marched into Cuzei in 1012, the emperor Nusisponos made his headquarters at Masāntie, a few kilometers south of Ožcer; it was closer to Ctesifon than Eleisa and avoided the politics of the capital, which was important at the time. The army itself was camped at the more defensible location of Octinila; as the Caďinorian intervention became a close occupation, this became the capital of Eärdur province.

As the Cuzeian cities declined, Octinila became the largest city in the province. Its population was almost entirely Caďinorian, made up of bureaucrats, soldiers, and colonists. Ervëa was proclaimed emperor in the city in 1604 upon the usurpation of his uncle Sevurias

When Ctesifon was conquered by Curiya in 2792, the military governor Remobau Etanion named himself king of Célenor, which see for its later history.

The city is the center of Célenorian commerce and a major military outpost; it's also a Caďinorian pagan patriarchate. However, it's not known for its cultural life, and is largely bypassed by international trade, which largely moves past it along the Nof. Touristic highlights include the Matrey palace; the pagan seminary; the palace where Ervëa governed; and the Barakhinei quarter, settled by refugees from Mútkün.

Ožnëa is also the seat of a surcontana of the Verdurian Nobility, held by the Epetey family, though the actual estate is upriver, centered on the Lutmeyu valley.