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Rajjay [ˈrad: ʒaj] is a province of Xurno centered on the Ran river. Hills separate it from Niormen to the west, Bolon to the north, and (to a smaller extent) Bozan to the east; its natural communication is eastward to Šuzep, the middle Xengi. Its major cities are the capital Ranj, Šeguni, and Nekan, all on the Ran, and Joraumi on the Musuye. The local dialect is Rajjari.

Rajjay was settled by the Wede:i, who extended their system of irrigation works to the Ran. The Jennine Wekipaijua was built here. It was conquered by the Axunemi, and settled down as the kingdom of Ran, ruled from Nekan. It developed its own Axunaic language, Ranšin.

Ran was conquered by the Jeori emperor Toma:un in the 710s, and by Timai of Axunai in the 880s. Unlike Bolon to the north, it was well integrated into the tightly run Axunemi empire. Once the empire collapsed in the 1600s, however, it found itself independent; the capital was now Šeguni. The Hermit Masters Krosámis and Šika were Rajjari, as was Pwes, one of the originators of the Jueši endi or Ways of War.

The barbarian Sainor conquered Rajjay in the 2190s; they were succeeded by the Gelyet, until Miudis incorporated the province into the new empire of Xurno in the 2580s.

Key support for the Revaudo revolution came from the governor of Rajjay, Uris, who defied the nyei Imdax IV's orders to arrest the Revaudo dzuséy in 2984. In the early months of the rebellion Imdax marched to Ranj, only to be received gladly by Uris with feasting. Positions hardened quickly, and on Imdax's next visit the gates of the city were closed. Imdax found himself unable to reduce the rebellious city-- the Xurnese city-fortress worked as well against emperors as against barbarians.

As a result, Rajjay (and Gotanel) did not fully adapt the radicalized artist-led governmental system of the central provinces. The major nobles retained their estates, and the cities are run by councils of notables, including but not limited to artists.

In art Rajjari refers to extremely intricate if not rococo styles, after certain painters from Rajjay.

Etymology: Ax. (šuz) Ranjavi 'Ranj province', X. Rajjay, Ver. Radžay.

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