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Native name Sarrok
Verdurian sarroc
Location Sarnáe
Family Eastern
Subfamily Central
Standard Lower
Writing system alphabet
Info available lexicon (1300 words)
Sample wordlist
one au
two ďu
three di
river cliera
town nawe
people scriola
big bougla
little puiťya

Sarroc is a Central language, related to Verdurian, Barakhinei, and Ismaîn, spoken in the occupied territory of Sarnáe in western Dhekhnam.

It is divided into three dialects: Lower, spoken in the north of the Shkónoro River basin and along the coast; Upper, spoken in the southern parts of Sarnáe in the upper Shkónoro basin; and Visecran, spoken to the east of the Dagêsh Range, just northwest of the Elmunkhâshi marshes. Visecran is quite divergent and some consider it a separate language. Sarroc has, in addition, undergone significant influence from Dhekhnami in vocabulary, slang, and even phonology (this being especially true for Visecran), and it has also borrowed some Kebreni and Monkhayic words, although these are more limited to Lower and Upper Sarroc respectively.

Sarroc is written with the Dhekhnami alphabet, which is mandated by the central government (the use of the Verdurian alphabet for Sarroc is banned in Dhekhnam).

Sarroc has apparently undergone the most inflectional simplification of any Caďinorian languages; it has lost all but the nominative and genitive (derived from the ablative) cases, going even further than Ismaîn, which still has the dative. Under the influence of Eynleyni languages it has adopted rank-based inflection and VSO order. It also has vocabulary differences from its neighboring relatives in that its vocabulary includes more Dhekhnami and Monkhayic words than Verdurian, Kebreni or reborrowed Caďinor.

Etymology: Sarroc ‘east’ + loc ’speech’ (from Munkhâshi lok).

Author: BGMan
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