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The Serea [sɛ ˈrɛ a] is one of the major rivers of Eretald. It rises in the Ctelm mountains, and passes through Caizura and Verduria as well as an autonomous region largely dominated by the dukes of Muďuca. It meets the Efrat, the main river of Ismahi, in Zeir, and enters the Mišicama at Zeirdan.

The river is navigable till it reaches the mountains; it has carved some impressive canyons into the mountains. Near its headwaters is the Taucrēte Pass, a traditional invasion route from the ktuvok empires to the east.

The valley of the Serea is called Sereor; as it is not connected to the Eärdur and Svetla it has always retained some separation from the rest of Eretald.

Etymology: Caď. Seraea, possibly a dialectal derivation of sar 'east'; Ver. Serea, Bar. Serâ, Ismaîn Sŕea; Meť. Metama 'wide-open', Keb. Tama; Cuêzi Taucrēs which combines the Meť. with the name of Ukara its chief city in ancient times.