Sumë language

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Native name ?
Verdurian ?
Location Southern Arcél
Family Mnesean
Standard ?
Writing system  ?
Info available  ?
Sample wordlist
one  ?
two  ?
three  ?
river  ?
town  ?
people  ?
big  ?
little  ?

The Sumë ['su mje] language is a Mnesean language that was spoken by the Sumë nomads of Southeastern and Southern Arcél.

The consonants of Sumë are p b t d k g f v s z ĥ č j m n ŋ r l. The vowels are i a e o u ë ö ü . The syllable structure is (C)(C)V(C)(C). Initial consonant clusters include tl dl dr gt nd ĥn. Final clusters include rs and rz. Sumë is an ergative, fusional language that uses infixes to inflect words. The word order is EVA, with E representing ergative and A absolutive. Plurals are formed by vowel changes which can produce a shorter word than the singular. For example the plural of purus (fox) is bürs.

See also

  • Tlan was gtaz or emperor of the Sumë, and his story includes a number of words in their language.
Author: Gareth