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Tanel [ta ˈnɛl] is a small mountainous peninsula which separates Xengiman from the Mnau peninsula, and a province of Xurno.

Ancient times

The earliest known inhabitants of Tanel were Wede:i, but the urban, irrigation-intensive classical civilization did not easily transfer to the peninsula, whose economy was mostly littoral, with some agriculture in the river valleys. The largest towns wee Toźekok and Deinotareŋ.

Ezičimi adventurers, probably sensing easy pickings, invaded in the 100s and set up a kingdom independent of the delta, with a capital at Tannevi. A breakaway faction founded Gotanel, with a capital at Mumeša in the eastern peninsula. (Gotanel means 'far Tanel' and at this point meant the region east rather than north of Tanel.) Traders from Iṭili reached Gotanel overland, acquiring dyes and gold, but also the idea of writing.

Around 390 the Jei conquered Tannevi; Axuna and Gotanel each moved to occupy some of the territory of Tanel. In the early 700s Gotanel conquered Tannevi, a bold move in a time of Jeori expansion.

Timai's grandson Neičunimi conquered Gotanel in 920, but it successfully rebelled five years later, though it permanently lost Tannevi to Axunai. Gotanel retained a precarious independence for a century, but as Axunai's attention was increasingly directed to the Mnau peninsula and Skouras, its days were numbered; the emperor Četazi finally occupied it in 1018.

With the collapse of central authority in 1682, Tanel was independent again; but after a war in the early 1700s the northern portion of the peninsula was occupied by Inex, the rest by Mumeša. During this period the region produced two Hermit Masters, Nauni Čeykirc and Bezleš.

In 2144 a local power unified the peninsula, based in Dintarn; its pikesmen learned how to stand against cavalry charges, so that they could not only preserve their kingdom but serve as mercenaries in the near-endless post-Axunemi wars. Gurdago conquered Dintarn in a sea assault in 2380. The Gurdagor were pushed out in 2487, with the aid of refugees fleeing the Gelyet province. The respite was brief; the Gelyet emperor Aitän conquered the region in 2531. The Gurdagor and the Gelyet were almost equally destructive; urban life was almost extinguished.

Tanel was incorporated into Xurno by the emperor Isaoric in the 2610s. As barbarian troubles became a distant memory, the province increasingly resented the cost of Xurnese militarism, and it was one of the original hotbeds of Revaudo.

At present the largest city (and the capital) is Musi in the south; other important towns are Šawatu, Dintarn, Taney (the former Tannevi), Mumeša, and Točok.

Etymology: Wede:i Taŋŋeli 'fertile land', Ax. Tanneli, X. Tanel, Ṭeôši Tännel, Ver. Tanél.

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