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The Thinking Kinds are the intelligent species of Almea. The term is a translation of Verdurian soî kestî lesünî, ultimately related to Cuêzi elerisuas 'one who understands'.

The major Thinking Kinds are all mammals, and belong to the same taxonomic order, the lesuniae. These are not primates; indeed, the most typical non-intelligent lesunia is the seal (Ver. nuča). There are no monkeys or apes on Almea; the closest lesuniae to the Thinking Kinds are the šipomi or sea-monkey, which lives in and on coral reefs.

The intelligent species are found in three families:

  • Lutinids, consisting of the sea-dwelling iliu and the (non-sentient) šipomi.
  • Tritonids, consisting of ktuvoks (who live in swamps and hunt in the sea) as well as several sharklike predators.
  • Hominids, the only one of these families to consist of exclusive land-dwellers and to have no surviving non-sentient members. It consists of several species:
    • Uestî or humans, whose appearance and character are close to terrestrial humans.
    • Flaids, taller, with large flat heads, restricted to the Flora archipelago.
    • Elcari, who are well adapted to life in the mountains, and are the chief miners of Almea.
    • Múrtani, a less attractive offshoot of the elcari.
    • Icëlani, smaller than humans and restricted largely to forests, of extremely primitive language and technology.

Recent studies of Arcél have revealed the existence of rifters, a strange species which can be described as intermittently sentient. They are not lesuniae but felines, most closely related to the arkoša or tree cat.


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