Timeline of technology: Ereláe

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This timeline records scientific and technological discoveries only. It's restricted to Ereláe; I'll provide one for Arcél later.

It's also restricted to humans and flaids in the present age. We don't yet have good data on the iliu or elcari. As for earlier ages, the Count of Years strongly suggests that humans participated in the technological advances during the iliu-ktuvok wars; but if this was the case, they had regressed to neolithic level when our story begins.

Second discoveries are not listed, momentous as they may be. There may be a large lag between a discovery in one place and its adoption (or reinvention) elsewhere.

Round numbers are intended to suggest vagueness of date. Where possible, dates reflect promulgation or publication, rather than (say) jottings in a private notebook.

For a comparision with terrestrial historical development, see the Timeline Orientation Help

When What Who
-4000 Agriculture Wede:i
-3500 Clay pottery; currency Wede:i
-3000 Frame loom; chicken domesticated; water clock Wede:i
-2000 Domestication of rye Lenani-Littoral
-2000 Domestication of wheat; backstrap loom Meťaiun
-1800 Beer Mei
-1600 Sheep and goats domesticated Kagöt
-1550 Organized states Wede:i
-1550 Writing Wede:i
-1500 Pigs domesticated Meťaiun
-1400 Horse domestigated Kagöt
-1350 Cattle domesticated Munkhâsh
-1200 Corbelled arch Wede:i
-1200 Plow Wede:i
-1100 Wheel; irrigation canals Wede:i
-1000 Copper working. Wheeled plow. Cities reach 5000 size Wede:i
-800 Wine Meťaiun
-750 Silk Meťaiun of Davur
-700 Littoral sea trade [[Meťaiun]
-700 Treadmill crane Wede:i
-650 Bronze working Wede:i
-610 Written legal code. Towns reach 10,000 size Wede:i
-500 Domestication of rice Nan
-500 Bow lathe Meťaiun
-400 Brass Munkhâsh
-300 Glazing Munkhâsh
-200 Alphabet; papyrus Cuzei
-150 Chariot Ezičimi
1 Wrought iron Cuzei
100 Market economy; coins Cuzei
100 Oligarchic senate Skouras
150 Paved streets Cuzei
200 Steel Cuzei
300 Pulley Munkhâsh
300 Smooth arch (with voussoirs, built on a form) Skouras
400 Seagoing trireme; sea chart Jei
450 Banks Skouras
525 Paper money Skouras
576 Elected senate (democracy) Kolatimand, Skouras
600 Towns reach 100,000 size Eleisa, Cuzei
600 Looms with foot pedal Skouras
700 Cast iron Munkhâsh
720 Empire-level state Jeor
750 Weight-based clock Skouras
800 Block printing Axunai
800 Moldboard plow Jeor
900 Trebuchet Axunai
1000 Windmill Skouras
1000 Paper currency Axunai
1100 Spinning machine Skouras
1100 Concrete Caďinas
1200 Fresco painting Caďinas
1200 Puddled steel Munkhâsh
1200 Gated canal lock Axunai
1300 Water mills Caďinas
1300 Magnetic compass Skouras
1325 Precession of equinoxes Gurdago
1350 Rudder Skouras
1400 Contact with Arcél Skouras
1450 Glassblowing Skouras
1475 Stirrup Tžuro
1500 Mill gearing Caďinas
1500 Millet imported from Arcél Skouras
1500 Crucible steel Munkhâsh
1711 Abolition of slavery Amurineli
1800 Iron reinforcing rods Gurdago
1862 University Šivines in Čeiy
1900 Calcination Caďinas
2000 Distillation Caďinas
2000 Lateen sail Čeiy
2100 Symbol for zero Čeiy
2100 Horse collar Coruo
2300 Porcelain Flora
2550 Astrolabe Kebri
2600 Spring pole lathe Gurdago
2700 Double-entry bookkeeping Kebri
2800 Silkscreen printing Xurno
2800 Nitric acid Dhekhnam
2800 Three-field agriculture northern Eretald
2850 Clear glass Kebri
2900 Black powder explosives Xurno
2900 Vertical motion in mills using cams Eretald
2900 Coke (purified coal used as fuel) Dhekhnam
2925 Spinning wheel Kebri
2944 Elected legislature Érenat
2950 Eyeglasses Flora
2950 Cannon Čeiy
2975 Intaglio printing Flora
2988 Overseas colony Fananak, by Jaešim
3000 Tea and coffee introduced to Ereláe Kebri
3020 Oil painting Xurno
3050 Place notation for numbers Flora
3074 Patents (cazoi šalemëi ziëce) granted to inventors Érenat
3090 Constancy of pendulum Flora
3100 Footpedal for spinning wheel Érenat
3117 Evangri Academy founded; pioneer in anatomy and figure drawing Xurno
3140 Spring-powered watch Érenat
3160 Acceleration of falling objects; parabolic trajectories Svetla
3184 Printing press Érenat
3198 Telescope Kebri
3200 Continuous rotation lathe Svetla
3200 Bidari school of painting explores perspective Xurno
3205 Scholars’ Circle of Avéla Érenat
3210 Pendulum clock Ctésifon
3210 Microscope Flora
3216 Decimal measurement system (fichmo) Flora
3218 Elliptical orbits of planets Érenat
3227 Pisora, first scientific journal Érenat
3230 Prism; spectrums Érenat
3250 Cŕolile system of taxonomy Ismahi
3260 Microorganisms Verduria
3270 Rod-controlled draw loom Xurno
3280 Logarithms Flora
3298 Newspaper Érenat
3300 Iron-plated ships Čeiy
3310 Mental illness linked to brain disorders Verduria
3320 Theory of evolution Ctésifon
3321 Octant Érenat
3338 F = ma Érenat
3340 Air pump; vacuum experiments Ismahi
3345 Static electricity generator Kebri
3345 Calculus Flora
3350 Oil lamp Verduria
3359 Theory of gravity Érenat
3361 Steam pump Kebri
3371 Smernáe i Ďitelát, first engineering school Verduria
3392 Flying shuttle Érenat
3397 Boiler safety valve Flora
3400 Towns reach 500,000 size Xurno, Verduria
3407 Piston-powered steam pump Verduria
3412 Bleaching factory using sulphuric acid Krasnaya
3420 Carbon dioxide Kebri
3427 Iron bridge Kebri
3433 Capacitor jar Belšai
3438 Calculation of tension and compression Flora
3442 Reconstruction of Proto-Eastern Verduria
3445 Electric wire; experiments on conduction and insulation Belšai
3447 Spinning jenny Kebri
3448 Marine chronometer Verduria
3451 Rotary motion for steam engines Verduria
3452 Hydrogen Érenat
3453 Steam-powered lathe Verduria
3455 Single-fluid theory of electricity Belšai
3458 Power loom Verduria
3459 Separate condenser for steam engine Kebri
3460 Calorimeter Ctésifon
3461 Equivalence of electricity and lightning Xurno
3463 Oxygen Verduria
3465 Shaped cutting tools for mechanical lathe Solhai
3467 Conservation of mass Ctésifon
3467 Non-blackening gas lamp Verduria
3467 Nitrogen Flora
3469 Production of water from H + O Érenat
3471 Decomposition of water into H + O Ctésifon
3473 Chemical element theory (Mërcalo Óuand) Ctésifon
3471 Manned hot-air balloon Belšai
3476 Steam-powered paddle boat in commercial service Verduria