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Native name Uyseʔ
Verdurian udanřon
Location Uytai
Family Uyseʔic
Standard Srethun
Writing system logographic
Info available grammar
Sample wordlist
one or
two nre
three swol
river tso
town tsiʔ
people ram
big ħom
little tsim

Uyseʔ [uj ˈsɛʔ] is the national language of Uytai and the lingua franca of all southern Arcél. It belongs to the Uyseʔic language family.

It's known to be a monosyllabic and head-final language. Its roots follow the structure C+(r,l,w,y)+V+(u,i)+(ʔ,m,n,l,r,t). The vowels of Uyseʔ are a e i o u. The consonants are p t k ʔ ph th kh f s h ħ ts m n ny l r w y. Stress is typically on the last syllable.

Some Uyseʔ loanwords, particularly related to exotic goods imported from Arcél, have entered Verdurian, such as čai 'tea' from tsai, as well as Arcél from ʔarkhel 'the world'.

Sample text

Hintser har nye nwai sruyn fwuy he khyet yo kroy phuy.

then man of word only wind be if his sword sheathe

A man’s words are just wind, if his sword is sheathed. (Quotation from Nyekhen)

Author: ABC