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‘Soa Sfahe’ written in Verdurian

Verdurian (native name soa Sfahe, the Speech) is the language of about 27 million people in Eretald. It is the chief language in the kingdom of Verduria, in Ctésifon, Curiya, Svetla, Érenat, and many of the smaller Caďinorian principalities. It is also widely spoken in the Western Wild and in western Dhekhnam, and is the administrative language in a growing colonial empire, notably Téllinor and Karímia.

As the language of the most progressive and powerful state on Almea, it is also the lingua franca of the whole South, widely known to traders, scholars and diplomats as far as Inex, Nan, and Uytai. In addition it has a distinguished history and a rich literature, and an English-like legacy of words from around the world.

Native name soa Sfahe
Verdurian soa Sfahe
Location Eretald
Family Eastern
Subfamily Central
Standard Verduria city
Writing system alphabet
Info available full grammar, texts, lessons
Sample wordlist
one an
two ďun
three ďin
river selë
town dan
people žen
big bolyáše
little pav

The standard dialect of Verduria is that of Verduria city, Mažtane; Ctésifonei is the standard in Ctésifon, Guaya, Bažra, and Dracnáe, while Avéle (the dialect of Avéla) is the standard in Érenat.

Verdurian descends from Caďinor, and is a member of the Central branch of the Eastern language family.

It has an inflecting morphology; nouns have two numbers, two genders, and four cases (nom/acc/dat/gen), while verbs are conjugated by person, number, and tense. An interesting peculiarity of Verdurian is a set of prefixes that can be applied to prepositions to narrow down the meaning: e.g. co 'near'; syco 'next to, touching'; cuco 'somewhere near'.

Sample text

Tësî mu šrifo, sannoi esë, kedimo šrifta tróumo ne Šriftanáen i Verdúria-- isu dy smerisî mil pážianië, et parete, prosotü divrec cečel, prokena soî osänî eu otál mudraî, dy im tësen almean řo epo tróuen muďe mudraim, hoyan išo pro šatem zonin.
all-PL 2s-NOM know-2p / lord-PL 1s-GEN / what.amount knowledge find-FUT-2p at university-DAT of Verduria / enough that student-PL thousand country-PL.GEN / 1s-ACC seem-3s / clamor-3p learn there / because the-PL master-PL be-3s such wise-PL / that in all-DAT Almea-DAT not can-2p find-INF more wise-PL.ACC / although seek-2p for hundred year-PL.DAT
All of you know, my lords, how much knowledge you will find at the University of Verduria, such that students from a thousand lands, it seems to me, clamor to study there, because the masters are so wise that in all the world you can't find a wiser one, though you look for a hundred years.

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