Verdurian alphabet

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The Verdurian alphabet is a widely used script based on the old Caďinorian alphabet, being used to write Flaidish, Ismaîn, Kebreni, and Verdurian. The alphabet contains 27 letters, both in majuscules and miniscules. In addition, various other languages have added additional letters to suit their own needs.



See this schematic which shows how the Cuzeian characters evolved into the Cadhinorian and then the Verdurian alphabet.

The Verdurian Alphabet

Majuscule letter Miniscule letter Letter name Transcribed
ü u
a a
o o
ë e
i i
i-brevë y
ek k
pe pe
cës c
be b
gëf g
dah d
sas s
šen š
zais z
čen č
toh t
ra r
koď h
la l
me m
fai f
ne n
voi v



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