Verdurian proverbs

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Řošriftul e aď kašul. 
A stranger is a god in disguise.
Tidimo alcedle e dobre. 
A little magic is a good thing.
So prando melaštië e bogaty, ac ásue durece im magenán. 
'The food of nobles is rich, but sits hard in the stomach.
Sam nuržan er lavisian, řo e ceďue. 
Without food or dance it isn't a festival.
Řo eu gruřî esë. 
It’s none of my business. Literally, It's not any of my turnips.
Belgo řo e belfasco. 
War is hell.
Soî zutî zam oligu. 
The wicked flock together.
Len šerë lë er sen žöh esë. 
To each his own. Literally, to you your beer, to me my mead.
Řo vautero malezem ad motin.  
Don't compare apples to oranges (literally, hammers to sheep).