What is this, how you say, Al-may-a?

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Almea is a fantasy world, a project I've been working on since college, and that's a long time ago.

There's a lot to Almea... if you're tired of Almea, pal, you're tired of life. There's several ways to start exploring.

First, stories:

Or, languages. Unlike most fantasy worlds, Almea has over a dozen fully worked-out languages (this is where all those nasty diacritics came from-- they all actually mean something).

Then there's religions. See the Religion portal for an overview, or follow some of these links:

And history:

And various other stuff collected here on Almeopedia. You can basically explore at random, following links as they interest you. A good place to start is the People category. Some of my favorite pages:

How does Almea differ from most fantasy worlds, apart from level of detail and plausibility?

  • Its most advanced cultures are not medieval, but firmly in the early scientific and industrial era-- something like Europe circa 1800.
  • There is magic, but it's downplayed, and isn't treated as a form of fantastic technology.
  • It contains a number of intentionally non-earthly ideas:
    • Multiple intelligent races (not neatly divided into good and evil, though the Almeans themselves might disagree on that)
    • A large region, Xurno, is a republic run by and for artists
    • Another, the , is female-dominated
    • One species, the iliu, lives mostly underwater, on the continental shelf
    • Another, the ktuvoks, creates empires over local humans